Monday, August 24, 2015

Sometimes I Am My Own Mountain...

Monday August 24th, 2015

Morning peeps!

Just popping in today to say that, at times, I get in my own way and create obstacles for myself that are appalling yet hopelessly human. In what way? In the most obvious way I can think of. 

Saturday night I went through with my eggplant intro, it was delicious, and I cooked a whole bunch so that, if symptom free, I would have it all ready to go for day #2. I looked at it in the refrigerator yesterday, quite a few times to be perfectly honest - thinking I'll have some in a little while. Breakfast was rushed yesterday as it tends to be on up-mountain days and halfway through that I realized that my Fitbit wasn't on my wrist.

Holy distraction, Batman! 

The Fitbit thing is a major disaster for me, let me tell you. I checked the app and noted that it hadn't tracked any activity since Saturday evening around 5:30, at which time I was grocery shopping, and I know exactly where. In the frenzy to leave the house and get up the mountain before the hoards, I had hubby call the stores I shopped in but no luck. After kayaking I went back to both stores, looked around the parking lot, hoping that my app would pick up the signal - nothing. So frustrating.

Anyway, see how distracting that was just documenting it? That's how my entire day went.

Breakfast went out the window with no eggplant. Lunchtime I was totally preoccupied with the locating of the Fitbit, even contacting their support team to see if they can use the GPS tracker to generally locate the sucker. Manually added in all of my activity for the day and frowned a lot. Tried to take a nap with my ailing old doggie but was plagued by horrific neck pain from God-only-knows-what now, cleaned the house, prepped my next batch of kraut, cooked acorn squash to make "oatmeal" (completely amazing, by the way, with roasted bananas and organic, raw cacao nibs), got stuff out for dinner that didn't thaw in time to make dinner which led to the inevitable what-are-we-having-for-dinner scramble, for which I sauteed some zucchini with onions and tons of garlic -- and completely forgot to eat the damn eggplant.


This morning I brought it with me, and had some with breakfast. It was quite savory with Italian style herbs and that wonderful tomato-y tasting cherry sauce - but I ate it anyway so raspberries to me. 

Just wanting to point out that we are all human, and we all make mistakes, and no matter how careful we are we will sometime just FORGET stuff and it's not a fatal error. The worst case scenario for me with the eggplant is that if I react, I will have to lose a day to recovery before I add the next food back. No big deal, no life or death - just life!

Have a nice Monday :-)

UPDATE!!! I had a full blown reaction to the eggplant, not sure how I missed it yesterday after eating it on Saturday, but there you have it. Headache, joint aches, anxiety. Oy...

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