Tuesday, September 8, 2015

September 8th, 2015 - What I Did Right And Wrong On Vacation

Hey everyone, hope you all had a really great Labor Day weekend! I did, or I should say we did, spent it in the adorable ski town of Breckenridge with our dear friends from Las Vegas. We stayed in a condo on a gorgeous property with tasty views, pools, jacuzzis, transportation to a bustling activity area on the next ski hill via gondola and tons of great amenities. The town itself is an experience in shopping that takes me two days to cover because there are shops everywhere and always want to go into each and every one of them. It's a great place, we had a lot of fun, even got some exercise here and there (4.5 mile nature hike, walking the main street and, of course, at the fitness center on property. 

I did some stuff right:

Brought the foodstuffs that I can eat (eggs, pastured bacon, greens for salad, roast chicken strips, fermented cabbage, Paleo dressing, coconut milk, electrolyte water, club soda, coconut chips, sweet potato chips cooked in coconut oil, and very Paleo protein bars (Epic meat bars, heavens they are tasty!). We only ate in restaurants twice and that was easy enough, k? I ordered the way I knew to do, and the food was really quite good both times. I stuck to my food 99% of the time.

I did some stuff wrong:

Drank far too much coffee, as in 4-5 cups each morning. I also drank quite a lot of water but having that much coffee is overkill big time. I also drank too much alcohol; these folks are our cocktail pals and we don't let any moss grow on our drink cups, if you know what I mean. We drank a lot of wine. I also drank something that I would not normally allow myself to have - hard cider. I get tired of wine, what can I say? The Cidre from Stella Artois is delicious and gluten free. So I had a couple of those while enjoying a delightful sunset with my hubby, parked on the patio at the bottom of Peak 8. 



I really blew it. 

The resort has a fire pit, and they loan out long forks for the roasting of marshmallows. 

Now, in case I haven't said this before, I have a major weakness for marshmallows. I love them. I could wear them as clothing and eat my weight in them every day - that's how much I love them. 


After drinking too much wine for my own good yesterday, I threw caution to the wind and asked hubby to get a bag of the fluffy, white, sugary bastards and get a fork from the front desk. Yes, I ate toasted marshmallows. 

Not just a couple of them, more like 12. Maybe even more. Damn it to hell!

It just goes to show you that all of the good intentions and planning in the world sometimes cannot save you from yourself, and bloody temptation. I'm still super pissed at myself but I need to let it go. I got up this morning and felt so guilty that I went directly to the fitness center to work off that garbage, and I felt super DURRRR all day. Stupid, kind of like my brain wasn't connected to my body or something. Of course 3 straight days of partying didn't help that any! 

Okay, so I fecked up. I'm human. I screwed the pooch a little bit but I will recover and I am determined to keep that poison away from my mouth from here on. 

With Disneyland coming in just a few weeks, I am now officially worried about the temptation that is all over that park. 

One day at a time y'all. That's all I have. Forgive, move on, and don't screw up again. This is my mantra for today!

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