Wednesday, September 9, 2015

The Morning After OR The Vacation Hangover

Wednesday September 9th, 2015

Lerd my head hurts today...

Not only did I cheat a bit whilst in the mountains this past weekend, I also forgot my must-be-refrigerated probiotics. To make up for that small oversight I drank kefir and ate my weight on Bubbie's. I pooped like a champ, actually so that has me thinking that perhaps I don't need to keep taking the very expensive probiotics on a daily basis? I will most definitely check with Dr. Jessica when I see her in next week.

Meanwhile, back in my body, things are not great. 

I feel like doo-doo today, thank you very much. I'm back to eating the way I eat, which is all well and good, but OY the food hangover is terrific. I have a headache, my guts are bubbling, and even though I did have a major BM this morning I feel plugged up. I feel detached from reality (foggy), cranky, tired -- and all because of some over indulgence BOO but totally my bad. It may take a couple of days before I can feel normal again. I know there is a price to be paid for acting a fool when on vacation, and I'm paying it. 

Oddly enough, I met a lady in the outdoor saltwater spa who also started Paleo AIP in May, and she'd lost 27 pounds. We high five-d all around while the two of us sat there with alcoholic beverages in our mitts, she with a beer! It was kind of an "lol" moment because we were both evangelizing our new way of eating while TOTALLY breaking the rules! Good to know I'm not the only one, and good to know that it's survivable.

K, more bad news: my average weight has gone up a pound each week. I'm not happy about this development and will (trust me) be working hard to reverse that trend. If I hit an average of 150 I will NOT be happy! Right now I'm sitting at 148.4. Not terrible but I don't want it or need it to go any higher. Aaaaaaaa-men.

Anyway, we had a great time. Here's some photographic proof of said great time, and even though I'm hurting today I know that I will work through this, and with a little help from my inner-diet guru, I won't stray again. Until my next vacation. Coming up in 5 weeks. 

Oh, hell.

Beautiful, no? Yes.

The hubby and I are going back for our anniversary at the end of March. He might even be able to ski! Not I, not for love or money. I'll hang back and enjoy the spa, the fitness center, the hot tubs, pools, library, etc. And I'll make dinner. That's a good deal!

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