Sunday, September 20, 2015

UPDATE: Chile Pepper & Tomato Introductions

Well hello there my Hashimoto's fighting friends! I hope that the late summer/early fall is treating you kindly, and that you are enjoying good weather and good health. This is my favorite time of the year - not because pumpkin spice everything is starting to appear on store shelves, in commercials and on FaceBook, but because: weather. I love the weather in the fall, love it! It's warm but the sunlight is filtered in that special way that makes the changing leaves appear to be lit up from within, and makes the sky look so blue that you take your sunglasses off to be sure it really is. Not only that but all of the yummy squash are in high season, and the warm scented candles are making their first appearance on store shelves. Just this morning I picked up caramel (yum!) and cinnamon-nutmeg scented candles; they are filling my home with delicious fragrances as I type.

Meanwhile in the oven...

A gaggle of white sweet potatoes are baking up so that I can make myself some sweet potato waffles (they freeze beautifully), and two white squash baking so that I can scoop their sweet, soft insides out for a lovely custard. In the crock pot is a giant chuck roast slow roasting on a bed of onions with a jar or pepperocini thrown in for deliciousness. OH! And we have a load of organic, pastured chicken wings in the smoker for a football afternoon snack. Life is good!

All of the spiciness is possible now because YES, I have successfully reintroduced chile peppers!!!!! Can I get an Amen? I'm so beside myself it isn't even funny! I love those bad boys so much, all kinds of them, and boy do they make Paelo cooking more fun, adding some depth and spice to the mix. After the requisite waiting period, I also added organic heirloom tomato this morning, and haven't had a reaction so far. It's only been 4 hours so I'll save the celebration, lol. Tomorrow I'll have some with each meal and see how that goes. I like tomatoes, but I really only like heirlooms and not all the time, so that one is a nice to have but not a 'can't live without it' for me. Still, nice to have the options.

Sadly I have also come down with some crud, after the hubby was sick with a cold all week and I was mistakenly confident that I wouldn't come down with anything. HA! Joke's on me. I have either a bad cold or the start of a sinus infection. Regardless I made myself take some Tylenol Cold, stuff I hate to take, so that I could get through the cleaning of the house and handle the cooking I need to do. I feel crappy but it's not the end of the world, it's not even 1:00 PM yet and I'm done, so I have the whole day to rest and relax. I see a nice, soothing bath in my future!

Went for a run yesterday with the sickness in my sinuses and throat, so I didn't make it very far, only 2.5 miles. I was so anxious to get home that I ran the entire thing and killed my previous mile time, but it wasn't worth it. I spent most of the rest of the day recovering from putting myself through that. But I'm happy to be sticking with the interval and strength/toning exercises, it will become more important to honor those commitments as the fall takes hold and people tend to become complacent!

Currently my average weight is 147.5. That's a little higher than I want it to be, but I'll take it. I guess I have to take it! I'm pushing to stay closer to 145 than 150, and it looks like I split the difference - that'll do just fine for the moment.

Well, it's time to check on my roasting things...


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