Friday, September 25, 2015

UPDATE: No New Additions, More Changes

Howdy everyone!

It's Friday and I'm happy about it and I'm not about to hide that. Woo and hoo!

Today I wanted to talk to you about more of those signs that your body gives you as things change. I'm experiencing another one of those physical epiphanies, this time with my kraut. First it was the L-Glutamine powder, now this. I had some really delicious white cabbage-pear kraut last week that I didn't finish until yesterday, which in and of itself is quite an anomoly given that just a few weeks ago I was running out of my home made stuff and had to supplement with store bought - but now I just opened a fresh jar of red cabbage with apple and...

I just don't want it.

I've eaten some, and want no more. It isn't bad, my stomach is totally telling me "no thank you", and this is a signal that I have to be receptive to, and I now am. The stomach rolling over when something is put into your mouth is a sign people! 

So, yeah. Two weeks ago the powder stuff, now my home made kraut, and oh by the way, my appetite is waning of late. I'm thinking/hoping that the remainder of the crud I came down with last weekend is causing that, but my average weight has dropped to 146.4, and I'm just not eating with gusto right now. If this does not pass I may call my Endo and ask for an early blood test, as this may be caused by my thyroid levels.

My double secret hope is that I can find remission from Hashimoto's thyroid damage and eventually be taken off of Levathroxine and stop seeing the Endo all together. That's the dream, kids. Just putting it out there so that the universe has a chance to soak it up and maybe spit back something nice.

Today I have a headache, and a dull feeling of yuckiness in my chest, but I have an 8k to run tomorrow that I'm regretting monstrously (how was I to know I would get sick and lose a week of training? the things we can't predict..) in a rather hilly area of town. The worst thing that could happen is not being able to run much of it, I suppose. I can walk like a maniac and take forever to do it if that what I need to do, eh?

This weekend is supposed to be just gorgeous for the time of year, so I'm trying to plan some nice outdoor activities for the hubby and I. We're talking about kayaking on Sunday even though the temp on the mountain will be quite chilly in the morning. I'd really like to get out and see some fall foliage (those aspens are changing right now!) and relax a little bit before the week starts; work is incredibly busy and rather stressful right now. 

Without further ado, I bid you fare-the-well for now, and until we meet again - peace!

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