Tuesday, September 15, 2015

UPDATE: Paprika Intro And "When Your Body Says No, Listen To It"

Tuesday September 15th, 2015

Hola happy people! I've missed blogging and it's great to be back after the nearly debilitating brush with processed food/sugar overdose/alcohol. I feel great this week, and after a two week rest from food introductions I've made the leap to another nightshade, paprika. I may never forgive eggplant for making me feel so super shitty, but I have a fresh perspective on the remaining food addition items and am going to give a couple of the failures another shot. 

First, the results on day three of paprika = clear. No reaction whatsoever, and I have used quite a bit of it since not having a reaction to the first ingestion on Saturday. I just want to be sure I'm clear, hear me? So yes, I have stopped just short of rubbing on my skin by rubbing it on a pork roast, then steaks, and finally chicken. I think I've covered the items I want to use paprika on, and no reaction. Oh happy day!

Second, I've decided to give cashews, pistachios (separately) and grass fed milk another go. Maybe I'm too stubborn for my own good, but if I can't have dairy I'd like to have cashews to make pretend cream sauces (they are SO GOOD! if you haven't tried them and can tolerate cashews please do). But, because I grow increasingly weary of frigging coconut milk, I have to try grass fed milk again. I know, big sigh, I imagine you see some writing on the wall - well, I refuse to see it just yet. Lord knows I've been patient, and I think that even if I can't add milk when I try it this time, I will probably try it again! Not until much, much later, but - it's hard to give up on this one, for me at least.

Third, best news EVER, my weight has stabilized a bit, and my average is now hovering around the 147 mark. I can live with that. I have lived with that! I went shopping with Mrs. Jenn the other day and she threatened me with physical violence to get me to try on a pair of size 8 Pixie Pants at Old Navy; I had tried on a 12 last year and they were so tight that I couldn't button them, so I was leery at best. Well, I tried them on. They felt odd because I was wearing running shorts and the waistband was thick, but I bought them anyway. Washed and wore them yesterday and guess what? They fit! They weren't tight, they looked adorbs and damn it I should have had someone take a picture. Next time.

Here's a snippet of my reintro schedule for the next few weeks:

I'm not sure what I'm going to try for hard liquor. Vodka is out, it's either made from wheat or potatoes or something else I can't have, and it's the only spirit I've ever really cared for. That one remains TBD. Perhaps I'll try potato instead there, and push the hard liquor out further, until there's something I'm interested in drinking. Dunnow.

So. Chile pepper. I spelled it wrong there. Very excited - very! To get to try a green chile. I love me some green chile, New Mexican (Hatch) being the best, but hardest to come by here in southern Colorado where Pueblo chiles are very popular. Suffice to say this is one of the key ingredients in LIFE in the southwest, and I love them dearly, and miss them. Tomorrow I will get to try them. Super YAY!

Tomatoes are next after that, and while I have missed them a little, I'm not that excited. Life without tomato hasn't been bad. Having to find organic tomatoes is probably the most daunting part of this for me, and I'm sure that next spring I'll plant a whole mess of organic, non-GMO veggies in my garden and it will save me a ton of money because that stuff ain't cheap! Sadly I have a brown thumb so... we shall see.

Finally today: "When Your Body Says No, Listen To It": 

This is a lesson I have learned over the last 128 days, but it can be difficult to read the signs correctly because sometimes the thing your body wants to say no to is something that is good for you, seemingly. Case in point: L-Glutamine powder. This is an amino acid supplement that I have been taking since June. It's a flavorless, odorless powder that I've added to my tea or bone broth after breakfast daily. Very recently it has started to taste absolutely vile to me, much like the amino acid "shakes" did way back in June. Yesterday I managed to glug down my scoop of the powder dissolved in bone broth, but just barely. That was when I realized what was happening - my body had been, increasingly over the few days prior, starting to reject this supplement. When something that is odorless and tasteless starts to taste awful, it's a sign! So here's my sign: stop. I put the powder away and am not taking it for a while. If things change and I think I need to start again, I'll give it a shot. But much like food introductions going poorly, having a reaction suddenly to something that you've been ingesting for some time is probably an indication that your body doesn't need it anymore, or at least that it's time for a break. 

Once again,
So please, no lawsuits. I'm just a person like you, changing my life and getting more in tune with my body, and listening to the clues it gives to me.

Until we meet again, Peace!

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