Monday, September 28, 2015

UPDATE: Tomato and Cashew Introductions

Sorry all, I completely forgot to report my total 100% tomato failure to you the other day!

So not that happy about it, and must have pushed it from my brain. Meanwhile some good stuff happened too, but let's save that, shall we? Okay then.

Tomatoes seemed innocent at first; when I diced some very finely and cooked them into an egg scramble for breakfast, I noticed no reaction. The following day I decided to eat some raw and ERMAHGERD, so not good. Frankly I eat them cooked more often than raw, but it was worth checking out because who doesn't like some nice tomato in their guacamole, salad, on a sammy, whatever? I diced up two slices of crazy expensive, organic heirloom tomatoes and dropped them on top of my soup.

Lord help me, within 20 minutes I had heartburn up to my eyeballs. It was so bad, so acidic, I became convinced that the damn things were coming out of my nose at any moment. I put up with it for a while but when it didn't go away I chewed up a couple of Tums and (thank heavens) it subsided, but not before a nasty pain started in my upper GI region; the pain stayed for a day and a half. Not good.

I took my four days off to let that sit, and get it out of my system. So then, I think: gee, I'll bet I could try cashews again, it's been a while. And like the fool that I am, I grab a handful of organic, raw cashews and chomp them down before dinner.


The reaction was swift and decisive. I should probably not try cashews again ever, but I'm sure I will because damn it they're so good, and so handy! But for now: no. Just no.

It has now been 4 days since I tried that and guess what? I'm going to try something else that is likely to cause me a great deal of agony: popcorn. Yep, I said it: popcorn. If I can find some that's organic, that is. Not so sure it exists, because I've never looked for it, oh but I will! With some lovely melted grass fed butter, yum!

Good things that happened: strength training is paying off in spades, yet again. On Saturday I went to that 8k I was dreading, and I killed it. KILLED IT! I set myself a new record pace (12:18/mile) and finished the dang thing in 1 hour, 1 minute. Whaaaaaat? I know! I was so in the zone that I didn't notice the miles going by, it was amazing! My favorite EVER!

Also, there was no kayaking, too damn cool in the morning and we really didn't feel like hauling the damn things up on top of the car! Truth. So instead we took the little dog and went hiking around the 11 mile reservoir. It was a gorgeous day, I felt like a million bucks in very large bills, the dog had fun - it was glorious.

Right, back to it, just thought I'd share another defeat or two, and another victory or two too. 


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