Monday, October 5, 2015

UPDATE: One More Time - I'm Stupid!

Monday October 5th, 2015

It's October - OCTOBER! How the hell did that happen? September went by like VOOM! And gone. Thanks for the warning, time. Love it when you just fly by and leave me all confused.

Hokay, so. Instead of adding popcorn as per my previous plan, I decided that I wanted a martini. 

Yes. Did.

It was Saturday, I was feeling lonely for my old friend vodka; it had been 5 months since my last sip of it, you see, and I have a long history with this favorite of all the spirits. Not thinking, or rather thinking incorrectly that since I'd partaken of it for so many years it couldn't possibly bother me, I had one. Just a nice Ketel One martini straight up with a twist, the way I like it. 

It tasted pretty darn good, best one I've ever had as far as I could recall. I drank it slowly, got a little "WOOOO!" and called it good. For about three hours, then not so much.

The headache was a rager, it stayed with me all night and all day Sunday. Tylenol couldn't touch this thing, but that was only half of the problem. The other half was in my stomach, which felt a lot like I'd swallowed molten tar or something - it didn't just hurt, it burned, but not in that heartburn kind of way. It was absolutely miserable. 

I also had some shorter bouts with brain fog, hot flashes, dry eyes, blurred vision... as if I'd been poisoned. Because I was, only I did it to myself quite willingly.

Live and learn another tough lesson: just because you didn't think you reacted to something prior to elimination and deprivation, that doesn't mean you didn't! Think about it, the whole body was being bombarded by reactions constantly, so stacking reactions on top of each other OF COURSE you wouldn't note a reaction. Duh. 

I know this, and yet I try to convince myself - I just occasionally want to feel "normal" again, and sip a lovely martini with my hubby. Sigh...

That said, there is a vodka made from sweet potatoes that I want to try... 

Shaking my head, rolling my eyes; yep, I get it. 

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