Monday, October 12, 2015

Vacation On The Near Horizon

Is the near horizon even a thing? Maybe what I meant was the in the near future? Event horizon? Definitely not that, what a crap movie!

Regardless of what I mean vs. what I said, we're leaving on vacation tomorrow night. I'm totally psyched and totally worried, because the first place we're going for two glorious days is the happiest place on earth, none other than

What's the problem, you ask? If you've been reading this blog or you know me, I won't have to answer that question for you. Assuming that neither of the previous are true, I will explain like so:

Why? Because they are absolutely frigging delicious. Look at them, all covered in sugar, chocolate, hiding a thick coating of caramel underneath those adorable designs! They are temptation in one photo.

There's another thing I always eat at Disneyland, and it comes under the cover of cuteness (just like everything else in the entire frigging park):

How cute is that bucket??? It's not just cute, but it comes filled to overflowing with hot, salty popcorn guaranteed to send a child into an insane state of hypertension. I ask you, how much temptation can a paleo gal withstand??? I guess I'm about to find out!

Good news: searching for images of the caramel apples just a few minutes ago, I felt my stomach flip and even ache a little. I sincerely hope I can remember that when I'm smelling warm sugar all around me. As for the popcorn, I've been meaning to try it anyway. Not necessarily the non-organic, total GMO stuff though. I imagine what will happen is that hubby will get some and I'll try a few bites. 

Fingers crossed, peeps - this is going to be a big, new test for me and my willpower! 

After Disneyland we have four days in Palm Springs with the hubby's cousins and siblings; every year we take over an estate for 3-4 days and seldom leave the confines (I leave almost daily to get in a run at sea level in the amazing desert). I'll try to write later in the week from the compound, let you all know how I did.

In the meantime, enjoy my vacation!

Peace :-)

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