Thursday, October 22, 2015

WOW Where Have I Been?

Hola readers of the blog! Sorry it has been so long but I was really into enjoying my vacation and the whole relaxation thing got serious. I didn't open or read my email for 6 whole days - that's a huge, major biggie for me. Totally needed it, and now I'm back and none the worse for the wear, I'd say.

Here's what I did wrong:

The list isn't very long, surprisingly. And all of the sins happened at Disneyland. Shocker!

0. I forgot my probiotics. Again. I swear, going on trips makes me too crazy. I tried to make up for it by purchasing some after Disneyland but the damage was done; I got all kinds of backed up. Sigh.

1. I ate popcorn. Lots of it! Salty, hot, fake butter-y, and delish. I received no stomach upset for this sin.

2. I drank a Coke Zero. I know, I know - it's full of crap but sometimes it just sounds so GOOD. It didn't taste that great though, and I went crawling back water, begging forgiveness for going astray.

3. Yep. I did. I hate my self for it, but I hit the sugar hard.

The weapon: a special 60th anniversary Mickey Mouse chocolate covered caramel apple with marshmallow ears, with the bottom half dipped in white chocolate and decorated with blue sparkle sugar. 

May I be candid? It was awful. It made my teeth hurt, my stomach ache, and my fingers sticky. It was over the top, especially the blue sugar parts. I ate a marshmallow ear first, and Lord did it hit me like a belly bomb! I ate some of the top part, got a few good tooth-fulls of caramel, ate a good portion of the apple, offered it around, and threw it away. There wasn't enough water for me on the planet that night, I was so incredibly thirsty!

So, live and learn. I mean, not that I didn't know, seriously - I freaking know. Sometimes we choose to ignore good sense and go with something else entirely, is all I'm saying. At least I didn't hit the cow's milk! Okay sure, it's in chocolate... but... I'm out of excuses.

Next up: I did follow my diet rules during the cousins weekend in Palm Springs. I went to Whole Foods to get myself some Karen-only supplies, and stuck to them while eating the protein and some of the veg from the feast all around. I was relatively sedentary, got out for a 5-mile run one day, did some light hiking and a quick jog another day, but was mostly content to hang out in or around the pool reading. 

I gained a whopping 2 pounds but I'm on it like a weasel on a hen house because I need that shit off! Can't let the winter gain cycle start or it will get out of hand. I don't have an average weight right now because I was away from a scale for 7 days, but will catch back up with you next week.

I fell way behind on my step counts after getting 25,000 each day at Disneyland. My Fitbit might as well have been dead, I didn't wear it for the majority of the weekend. I spent most of that time in a lounge chair reading, or in the pool floating or having super soaker wars with anyone that happened to be hip to it. I am now feeling the brunt of that laziness! 

So I'm home now, and back to work, and picking  up where I left off with workouts and intervals, I even have a 10k this weekend. I'm glad to be home but I miss the desert warmth, and that will take a few days to get over. 

I haven't added any foods unless you count the popcorn (I didn't, because I looked on it as an anomaly) and I have no intention of adding anything until this weekend at the soonest because my system is still trying to get get over the severe lack of probiotics and fermented veg! And when I do officially try to add something, it will be popcorn.

Just for fun, here's a panorama of the view from the backyard in Palm Springs. Love the house, love the town, love the mountains...

Talk to you soon!

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