Wednesday, November 4, 2015

178 Days: An Update Of Sorts

November 4, 2015

Hola everyone! I'm getting ready to take this blog to the next level of distinction: posting milestone anniversaries only. I don't want to bore anyone and at this time I'm on auto-pilot, having not changed the diet and having no wild fluctuations in health or weight to report. I've reached cruising altitude with the supplements and eating habits, I have some vices still that I know I will revisit any time I happen to be in Disneyland, and I am doing my best to remain stable. My next big goal is remission, which may be impossible given the length of time I went with my immune system beating the shit out of my thyroid - but if it's worth doing, it's worth doing big! I am aware that a goal of this nature will take years, and that there may not be any change no matter how focused I stay - and I'm okay with that.

I have had success with grape based vodka since my last post. It's the only AIP friendly vodka that is tolerable (that sweet potato stuff ruined me for a minute, I can still taste it!), and  the stinging bite is easily tamped down with a splash of dry vermouth. Shaken like crazy with lots of ice and fresh lemon twist it's fabulous! So yeah, another problem solved.

I have no intention of adding non traditional AIP food items into my diet, such as rice and white potatoes, at this time. That my change but I have never done well with starch, and those fuggers are so addicting. A lot like sugar. It's a good thing that the sugar gives me a tummy ache or I would be all up in that to this day!

The other thing that's happening is in the world, and it's a great development. More and more people are adopting the Paleo lifestyle, which means that the necessary foods are becoming more and more available. Lots of Paleo friendly snacks are appearing on the shelves of high end markets and health food stores. I do have to read carefully what is in them because they aren't all AIP friendly, but many of them are. This makes my little heart so happy!

I'll be back on day #200, and will post sporadically after that. I hope that you are all doing well on your journey and thank you for following along with me on mine.

Until we meet again, I bid you fondly adieu! Take care, reach out if you need to and always remember to take care of YOU!


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