Thursday, December 17, 2015

Not So Fast: We Need To Talk About Winter

December 17th, 2015

Lord what a series of setbacks I have suffered, and I'm chalking it all up to the season. Listen, I have always hated winter - always. Since my kidhood outside of Chicago, to Pennsylvania, back to Illinois, on to Colorado... and then it stopped, because I was in southern Nevada, and then I moved back to Colorado. See, winter is merely a state of mind in southern Nevada (for the most part, at least) and I imagine it's the same way in any of the warmer climes. The shortage of daylight was a little bit of a bummer, but you could be outside all times of the year and not hate being outside. Running was awesome in the winter (as long as I could manage it during the hours of sun) and there was rarely snow or ice or freezing temps. Not for nothing, you get used the hot part of the year and 50's feel like freezing temps after a while but you can totally overcome that with the power of the mind.


After all the progress I've made this year, it all seemed to come to a screeching halt shortly after Thanksgiving. That's when the weather turned, and it snowed some, and now it's frigging cold. We had days of clouds and wind, and it's far too cold to be outside for any extended period of time. For normal people, is what I'm saying. If you're skiing or something, sure. I don't ski. I used to but I got to an age where paying lots of money to slide down a mountain and freezing my face off just didn't seem worthwhile any longer, so I stopped.

I digress again, sorry about that.

So I gained a couple of pounds while I was trying to lose a couple. Not that big of a deal. Cut out snacks and cut way back on honey consumption, and nothing. Then the hair started to fall out in handfuls. That's a sign, a big one. Then stress set in because nothing is very certain in life right about now, so there's that. Then I started to be sluggish and sleepy all day long. 

Some of this is being combated with supplements. The sleepy all day syndrome, for example, is being addressed by the fabulous Dr. Jessica and a supplement she recommended called Gaba Calm. It has worked near miracles for me in just a week; I'm taking two before bed and when I wake up I'm awake, I'm refreshed, and I'm ready for the day. It's fantastic.

But the hair - oh, the hair. This is an oldie but goodie. I haven't had that symptom in quite some time. 

And the eczema, Lord help me. But that I knew would be coming back, it's pretty much inevitable. 

Most recently, brain fog came back. 

I'm hovering just under 152 pounds, a net gain of almost 7 since I reached my goal. It's upsetting but not totally unexpected; still, it drives me insane because I've worked so hard, and changed my whole life, and haven't compromised in the slightest.

Bowels started misbehaving too, and upon inspection I noted that I was pooping undigested food again. I doubled my Betaine HCL with Pepsin, and started taking L-Glutamine again. This has helped some, and at least I'm not pooping strings of spag squash any longer, but I'm not nearly as regular as I was. Hence the sluggish feelings and brain fog. As the bowel goes, so goes the rest of the body, I say.


I went to see Dr. Jessica today and she informed me that I am dealing with leaky gut again, and I can't for the life of me figure out why, or how that happened. I was thinking the other day that I need to go hard core again, do a cleanse after the holidays (or start one during the holidays, it matters not, for I cannot and do not cheat on my diet (except at Disneyland, and I'm not going to Disneyland)), and I guess that's what I need to do. Button it all up, go back to easily digestible foods, hit the bone broth hard, lots of fermented goods, etc. 

She has given me something to help with the leaky gut, but it has to be food related (doesn't it?). I just can't figure out what is causing the strife. I've been on the same foods with very few additions or exceptions since August. Why would I have  flare all of the sudden?

One word: winter. 

I have no scientific proof, but I think I'm on to something. Hypothyroidism combined with the time of year when our ancestors slept more, packed on pounds to stay warm, and just stunk because they were spooning a fire wrapped in animal hides - there must be something in our hidden brain chemistry that flips a switch. Put that in the same arena with the slow thyroid and BAM, you have a cage match that not even clean living, organics and whole foods has a hope of winning. 

Again, I sigh...

Anyone else having this kind of trouble? Talk to me! I don't want to be the only one.

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