Tuesday, January 12, 2016

2016, Here At Last (wink-wink)

Greetings one and all!

The new year is here, has been for lo' these past 12 days already. I have met the new year head on by challenging myself in ways previously mentioned: losing my holiday "overindulgence" weight, and running (at least) my portion of the 2,016 miles team Three Sheets to the Wind signed up for.

Thus far, it's going pretty well. 

I managed to get myself back down to 150 without too much effort or sacrifice. Sadly, 150 isn't my goal, lol! I want to get back down to 145, and I know I can do it. It's going to take some time and likely extra effort to get there this go 'round, but I'm willing to do what I have to.

This week I'm still dealing with some of the awful effects of this damn disorder, although I'm no longer sure why. Seasonal issues? Perhaps, but with new supplements from Dr. Jessica I have been feeling much better and haven't been experiencing the gut issues. The most troublesome symptom at this time is the hair loss. I had a great, full, thick head of hair going until late November; not any longer. It's thinning like mad, as every time I shower I pull a big wad of hair out. It webs between my fingers and clumps in the drain. This is a huge backslide for me, and while it is quite demoralizing I have to move forward. Could it be the cheaper Biotin I got for myself at Trader Joe's? I suppose it could.

Among the other issues I'm still having: hot flashes (getting fewer and farther between, thank God), really-rally hard, dry poops (can't figure this one out to save my life), cold sensitivity is rearing its ugly head again, and I still want to sleep 8-9 hours BUT I do have my waking life energy back, which is great news.

Good news, I'm not having near the issues I had with eczema prior to this year, so YAY.

The running is going VERY well, I'm quite happy to say. Below are my totals thus far. I'm sitting at over 28 miles for the month, and will be putting some miles in today. The weekends are my best performances, I have time whilst doing laundry so I get on my trampoline and jog for an hour or more. On Saturday, clearly more. I'm sore as hell today from putting 11 miles in over the weekend, but it's a good kind of sore - the kind you know you earned. 

I've also started up with strength training again. As much as I loathe doing it, I always feel better after and I have to admit that it helps my running (and my shape, holy crap!). I do have to be careful to find modifications of some of the exercises so as not to screw up my neck or my knees, but my friend/ruthless trainer is really good at providing me with alternatives. 

I'm supposed to go see Dr. Evil this week (my infamous endocrinologist) but I spaced out getting my labs drawn on new year's eve, and didn't get them done until last Friday. Not good. Trying to get through to them now to reschedule, but their phone just rings and rings... also not good!

Okay, back to work for me. TTYL!

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