Wednesday, January 20, 2016

A Not Terrible Checkup With Dr. Evil


Almost a week ago I went to see my endocrinologist (Dr. Evil: the one who called me fat, told me to get over myself, and regularly lectures me on the health benefits of things that are full of artificial ingredients and taking a hit of Benefiber before each meal) and it didn't completely suck. Whaaaaat? I know, right?! But it's true.

First let me tell you that I forgot to get my blood drawn two weeks prior, which is her stern warning because sometimes it takes that long to get the vitamin D levels or something. I had a reminder on my calendar but then I changed phones and poof. Gone.

Anywho, I panicked and went to the lab on a snowy, icy Friday morning when my appointment was looming only 6 days later. I called her office on the following Tuesday and they assured me they had received the results. Whew! Only bummer too, because that meant I couldn't postpone my appointment. 

Then, the dread set in.

What was my A1c level? Would she be mad that I was taking all kinds of natural supplements? Would she berate me for not checking my blood sugars, even though she said it was optional and I said I probably wouldn't? Would I disappoint her with my holiday weight gain? Would she find something to disapprove of? Didn't she always find something to disapprove of???

Thursday morning I skipped breakfast, because: weight in. I knew I could eat at work aftewards, no big deal. I had my tea and went to her office. The weigh in went well, 151. I sneaked a peak at the paperwork and noted that I'd weighed more than that the last time I visited - YAY! Blood pressure, pulse ox, pulse - all normal. YAY!

I waited and waited in the consultation room (she's notoriously late, even for the first appointment in the morning, the one I always request), nodding off, playing Candy Crush Soda, biding my time. When she finally arrived, she had a smile on her face, and she was gushing at me over my detailed list of supplements. She said "if only all of my patients would do this!" to which I replied "you like?" and she said "very much!".

She then proceeded to verbally shred it. This was the longest, and worst, part of my appointment. A few things shook out of this part; mainly that I needed to check all of the natural supplements that Dr. Jessica has me taking, and make sure none of them contain any thyroid or thyroid hormone (2 of them did: Drenamin and Thytrophin PMG). Taking thyroid extracts are not good if you want to stay regulated on your synthetic thyroid hormone, apparently. So those are both off my list now. Also she told me to immediately stop taking krill oil, no problem. And vitamin e, for some reason. She said, and I quote: "Vitamin e will kill you.". How? I don't know. Taking it no more. She also asked me to see my PMD about getting some blood levels checked (vitamin B and Magnesium, specifically) because she senses that I don't need to take either of those. Could be. They were additions I made based on Root Cause and recommendations therein - perhaps I don't need them any longer.

So here we see the dilemma: how does one strike a balance between recommendations from their endo and the very different recommendations from their homeopathic nutritionist? I'm still figuring that one out, and will get back to you when/if I arrive at a solid conclusion. For the moment I am going to continue NOT filling my body with chemicals and garbage that it doesn't need, but will always default to natural, organic, non-GMO, dairy-gluten-soy-corn-peanut free supplements, and take it from there.

I've been off of the Drenamin and Thytrophin PMG for 5 days now, and I feel very fine. She also suggested that I stop taking Withania Complex but I haven't yet, because I'm nearly out of that one and am so stubborn! The other two, Jesus good Lord in heaven, I just bought large amounts of and am a little more than a little miffed that I spent a lot of healthcare dollars on them only to upper-shelve them. But, given that they both contain bovine thyroid extract, I don't want to take them anymore.

Lesson #4,679.2 - always, and I do mean ALWAYS check what's in the supplements being recommended for you. Damn it. I learned this one (as I learn most of them, to be honest) the hard way!

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