Thursday, April 21, 2016

Unexplained Weight Gain Update

The universe seems to be trying to tell me something...

After I posted what I posted yesterday (WUT!) I glanced through State of Slim only to learn that, guess what? It really isn't very adaptable to a Paleo lifestyle, let alone a Paleo AIP lifestyle. 

Well, f word.

Except for a suggestion or two, that is. 

What I can do: make sure I'm active every damn day, for an hour. I can do that. I can also eat smaller meals and spread them out during the day. Got it. Other than that, pretty much nada, because their recommendations have a lot of dairy in them. Just, no.

So yay, small take away. 

This morning whilst cruising Twitter, as I am wont to do in the morning, I ran across an article written by a runner who gained a bunch of weight during a recovery from an injury. She is a distance runner and she didn't stop eating at distance runner levels during her recovery and gained 25 pounds. While this is not my problem at all, I got a take away from that article too: what she did to take the 25 off again was make sure that she got to run every day, and (you're not going to believe this) ate more like a caveman. Small meals with lean proteins, veg and healthy fats. OH, and strength training (which she hates just like I do).

Kind of the same thing as the book, eh? 

Again, I realize that what these two sources are suggestion were never meant to address autoimmune conditions or their complications, surely I can try the two things that I took away? Okay, three things. Strength training wouldn't be the worst thing. I just dislike it so very much.


But seriously, stop calling me Shirley.

I have to do something because what I've been doing simply isn't working any longer and I'm dangerously close to panic over it. The tighter my jeans get, the less I want to eat, and that morphs into a tiny eating disorder and those never end well. 

I'm once again at my whit's end, and that, sadly, is a pretty common state for me. Vacation is less than a month away and here I am, heavier than I want to be and for reasons that I just don't understand. I'm not in denial, I'm not delusional about how much or what I eat or how much I exercise. It's counter-intuitive to keep ending up right back where I started, feeling the pounds come on day after day. 

Why Hashimoto's - WHY?

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

'D' Is For Dilemma!

Howdy paleo warriors, fighters against Hashimoto's, and e'rybody else that happens to read this blog!

Today I come to you with a real life problem, one that has happened to me countless times before and is happening - yet again - even as I type.

Unexplained weight gain.

Yep, the struggle is so very, very real.

As I have written before, there have been plenty of times in my life when I've managed to find a way to lose weight and keep it off for a period of time only to have it come creeping back on. Here we go again, folks. Here we go again.

Since Christmas I've been maintaining a slightly higher than desirable weight of 151. It dipped and rose a couple of times but was pretty constant. I've been running a minimum of 60 miles each month as I strive to get into race shape so that I can conquer some serious 10k races this year and for a good month and a half I was running 5 miles at lunch 2-3 times each week and not feeling any the worse for wear. 

March came, I gained 5 lbs like - BOOM! It was on and I have no idea why. 

Changes in diet? No.
Changes in supplements? No.
Changes in habits? No. Unless being more active counts.
Changes in meds? Well, yes. Dr. Evil did reduce my thyroid hormone slightly.
Changes in patterns? Uh, yeah. Sleep went back to the less than restful category.

So what did I do in response?

More activity: not just running, but getting up off my ass on non-running days to walk and make sure I get to 10k steps each day. I also added a toning routine of squats, lunges and abs to my non-running repertoire.

Stopped drinking alcohol: yes, really. For close to 4 weeks now (with the exception of two glasses of wine on two separate Fridays).

Gave up almond butter: delicious and nutritious though it may be, it is calorie dense and loaded with fat. Buh-bye.

Eliminated almond milk: just in case. It has some less than desirable ingredients.

Close adherence to paleo protocol: more bone broth, more fermenties, more veg and less animal protein.

Eating less at each meal, adding tiny between meal meals.

What was the result? I gained another pound! And got constipated. 

I got myself a copy of  State of Slim (James O. Hill, PhD and Holly R. Wyatt, MD) because I do live in Colorado, and would love to know the secrets of the mile high metabolism because let's face it: I don't have much of a metabolism to rely on. It may not, like so many other diets, apply to me because I'm special in a way I never wanted to be, but it's worth a shot. 

If that doesn't help I may have to go back to basics, starting with the liquid amino acid diet and gradually adding foods back in. Wouldn't be the worst way to spend a second summer, I can think of worse things. What I can't deal with right now is the fact that whenever I find something that works - and this plan has worked better than anything I've tried in my life - it's like my body goes "Aw hell no, you're putting that weight back on bitch!". It's ridiculously annoying.

So now I sit here, frustrated beyond belief, and wonder just what the hell I'm supposed to do next? If anyone has suggestions, I'd love to hear them.