Thursday, April 21, 2016

Unexplained Weight Gain Update

The universe seems to be trying to tell me something...

After I posted what I posted yesterday (WUT!) I glanced through State of Slim only to learn that, guess what? It really isn't very adaptable to a Paleo lifestyle, let alone a Paleo AIP lifestyle. 

Well, f word.

Except for a suggestion or two, that is. 

What I can do: make sure I'm active every damn day, for an hour. I can do that. I can also eat smaller meals and spread them out during the day. Got it. Other than that, pretty much nada, because their recommendations have a lot of dairy in them. Just, no.

So yay, small take away. 

This morning whilst cruising Twitter, as I am wont to do in the morning, I ran across an article written by a runner who gained a bunch of weight during a recovery from an injury. She is a distance runner and she didn't stop eating at distance runner levels during her recovery and gained 25 pounds. While this is not my problem at all, I got a take away from that article too: what she did to take the 25 off again was make sure that she got to run every day, and (you're not going to believe this) ate more like a caveman. Small meals with lean proteins, veg and healthy fats. OH, and strength training (which she hates just like I do).

Kind of the same thing as the book, eh? 

Again, I realize that what these two sources are suggestion were never meant to address autoimmune conditions or their complications, surely I can try the two things that I took away? Okay, three things. Strength training wouldn't be the worst thing. I just dislike it so very much.


But seriously, stop calling me Shirley.

I have to do something because what I've been doing simply isn't working any longer and I'm dangerously close to panic over it. The tighter my jeans get, the less I want to eat, and that morphs into a tiny eating disorder and those never end well. 

I'm once again at my whit's end, and that, sadly, is a pretty common state for me. Vacation is less than a month away and here I am, heavier than I want to be and for reasons that I just don't understand. I'm not in denial, I'm not delusional about how much or what I eat or how much I exercise. It's counter-intuitive to keep ending up right back where I started, feeling the pounds come on day after day. 

Why Hashimoto's - WHY?

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