Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Holy Long Year, Batman!

Well my dears, cheers to a year! Lift your glass of (not beer) and give me a chin-chin through the interwebs. Tomorrow will be the anniversary of my foray into this world of gut healing, and it has been mighty long, to say the least.

(Mine is a mug of organic coffee with organic coconut milk creamer, can I get an amen? Thank you!)

Squirrel! Here's the recipe for the coconut milk creamer, again, updated to include only organic ingredients:

1 can of organic, full fat coconut milk, 13.5 oz
2 tablespoon of organic, raw coconut oil (melted an cooled)
1 egg (organic, free range)
1 teaspoon of organic, alcohol free vanilla extract
Either 1 teaspoon (or more) organic liquid Stevia or 1 tablespoon raw, local honey

Add any organic flavorings you'd like to make it yummier, then blend until combined. I use the single serving blending cup for my Ninja and this fits perfectly. KEEP REFRIGERATED for God's sake, there's a raw egg in it! This will keep for up to 7 days but I never have it that long. It's delish on fruit and if you water it down a bit you can use it as a milk for things like Paleo granola. Just - yum!

Okay, bye bye Mr. Squirrel, let's talk!

This long journey has put me through many trials, from which I have learned and benefited immensely. It has been tough, I have been downright vapid at times, and even though "I know better" I still break the rules, but now only when I'm on vacation, and very specifically - at Disneyland. 

I behaved myself all through the cousins' weekend a couple of weeks ago and actually left Palm Springs, CA a few pounds lighter (first time EVER) because I didn't overeat at all, and I didn't break one rule. Not one! Good girl, somebody gimme a sticker!

But then, Disney. And when I say I broke the rules I mean I smashed them to smithereens for two days. Breakfast consisted of nasty buffet eggs, under-ripe fruit and potatoes. Say whaaaaaaaaat? True story. Followed quickly by a coconut milk latte from Starshmucks, which maybe doesn't sound so bad, but their coconut milk is a disgrace (check it: http://rebootedbody.com/starbucks-coconut-milk/). I was tired, damn it! And they don't have almond milk. Even if they did I imagine it would be equally disgraceful, but I digress.

Mid morning snack? Box of popcorn (Pop Secret!) and a diet Coke! And I loved it!

Lunch? A fat, juicy, ginormous smoked turkey leg (recipe! http://www.doctordisney.com/disney-recipe-giant-turkey-legs-disney-parks/) and a Coke Zero (no better than diet Coke, unless flavor counts - then, yes!). 

Mid afternoon snack? Box of popcorn and Dasani water. Not as terrible as the previous, I suppose.

By now I was crop dusting the park as the gas began to build and the pooch began to swell. But did I knock it off? No!

Dinner? Double cut pork chop with a few green beans an mushrooms. Mostly meat. And a glass of sparkling wine. And then a glass of red wine. At least I 'just said no' to the gluten free bread, right?!

Evening, pre-fireworks snack: Minnie Mouse chocolate dipped caramel apple with marshmallows and a sugar butt:

Image result for minnie mouse apple disneyland

Just one, not a full tray but -- still. 

Then, nothing, thank the Lord. I was done. And that lovely confection had my stomach gobbed up in knots almost immediately. Bound me up for two days, but I went in with eyes wide open!

I shan't take you though the second day, although it wasn't as bad, I must admit. We left the park at 5:00, had a semi-reasonable dinner and went to bed early so as to get up at the butt crack of dawn and head to the airport.

POOP TALK: No pooping for two days is like an eternity to me now. I cannot imagine how sick I must have been when I didn't poop for 7-10 days straight! That was very typical for me, and at the time I didn't feel great but I had no idea of the poison that was left to fester inside of me. It's astounding how far I've come in only one year, no matter how long that year felt whilst I was living it. 

So, cheers again!

Meanwhile, I came home and cleaned my act right back up, of course. After a few days (and a bout of epic, bowl painting diarrhea) I felt very normal again, and the inevitable junk food pooch was down, so I started running like a maniac over the weekend and -- surprise -- I tried to add tomatoes to my diet again!

I cannot yet say if said introduction (of a single organic tomato) was success or failure, because although I didn't have a major reaction, I did have some phantom lower GI pain last night. I will clean it back up for a week and try it again. I so desperately want tomato back in! 

I've gone on long enough, my dears. Work calls and I think I need to poop (and grab a second cup of coffee, long weekend, not enough sleep), but I wanted to give and update and wish myself a happy food-iversary! 

Love y'all, hang in there - I have more updates to give you but work has been incredibly busy so I will need to make time in the very near future for updating the blog. 

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