Tuesday, June 14, 2016

As The Stomach Turns...

There is a part of me, I'm quite certain, that loves to stay in denial. It's the eternal optimist, I think. I'll call her Kenina - a terrible name, and one I escaped having written on my birth certificate by a moment of clarity after my birth. Dad - Ken, Mom - Nina. Get it? I know, right? I think I would've ended up being a truck driver with that name -- but, I digress.

Kenina starts feeling better and thinks "I'm cured!", and then she stops trying so hard to make sure that every meal contains the right balance of protein and carbs, starches and fats. She gets all carried away with her daily pooping and blows off putting some fermenties on her plate at every meal (or two a day, at least - come on Kenina!), and she stops drinking bone broth therapeutically. Oh sure, she has soup now and then but it's summer now, kids, and it's getting kinda hot for soup. Kinda way hot, in typical Colorado fashion, as winter has just turned to summer BOOM - with no real spring to speak of. And yes, I have digressed yet again.

Leaky gut doesn't heal overnight. Dear Kenina, please try to remember that when the next time you get pissed off because your tummy hurts after having a Coke Zero (strictly verboten, I might add!). Also please keep to the routine that got you feeling better in the first place in order to maintain that good feeling, happy gut and continue the healing process WHICH, by the way, can take up to 2 years (or longer!) after a lifetime of foods that only made it worse. That kind of damage cannot be erased over the course of a month or two, or ten. Get over yourself girl - and remember that the longer you do the healing diet, the more success you will have!

Also please stop trying to add things that are problematic. You know that tomatoes are not your friend and yet, you just can't seem to help yourself. On Saturday you thought it would be a good idea to go ahead and eat some Barbacoa from Chipotle -- with guacamole. What does most guacamole have in it? Tomatoes! Smart girl, keep up with me here - NO! So when the tummy was upset for the next couple of days and you had a bout with explosive diarrhea on Sunday, what did you do? You wondered what could have caused that, didn't you? Yes you did, don't try to deny it. DUH!

Thank you. End rant. Onward Paleo soldiers!

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